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Testimonials for Sheffield Dentists Millhouses Dental, Cosmetic & Implant Clinic

"Oh I cannot recommend enough! Of course the treatment is second to none, but this dental practice and the people have been and meant much more to me.

 After a lifetime of feeling terrified of dentists (even Charles Clifford fear of dentists clinic failed me) I was left (when needed) pulling my own teeth out and ashamed of my smile.  I was at my wits end.  When I came to the stage of my life where my teeth were all but falling out, my own vanity finally led me to try and find a dentist that would understand the way I felt about these (what other people call dentists but I knew then as) torturers, lol.  I searched the web and even though Millhouses isn't near my home, there was something that drew me to it and I went flippin' terrified!!!!

Well all I can tell you folks, is that EVERYBODY in this practice are wonderful!  ALL are understanding and take time with you (hold your hand if needed) explain everything and go at your pace.  I've all but had my treatment now and I'm thrilled.  If anyone is living like I did, go and see Dr Ibs.  He's a nice, kind, caring gent and not a bad dentist either, lol, and all the crew will take you through your treatment with ease.

THANK YOU IBS, you were right!  Thank you SO much for sorting out my tooth and for seeing me at such short notice.  I very much appreciate it!  Thank you!"

Mrs L Adams

"I went to see Dr Hussain after my old cosmetic treatment failed.  He has transformed my life."

Mark "The Beast" Labett

"I can't believe how simple and pain-free the whole process seemed, but the results are breathtaking.  My smile is the envy of all my friends and my skin in now flawless."

Mrs D Stevenson

 "Thank you for your patience.  I'm no longer frightened to visit a dentist."

Mrs P Spink

"I just want to thank you all so much at Millhouses Dental for the fantastic care and attention you give me, I am very grateful and I am very happy to see my front teeth are looking much straighter.  Thank you so much."

Mrs I Foletti

"Thank you SO much for sorting out my tooth and for seeing me at such short notice. I very much appreciate it! Thank you!"

Miss D Meehan

 "I feel so happy with my Ibs the Dentist, everything has been absolutely fantastic.  I've had implants, he was absolutely amazing!  I've never felt so much at home with the place I come to.  All the staff are absolutely amazing, to leave would be a big tragedy as it's like being a part of a big family."

Ms T Rogers

"The staff here (and at the Doncaster practice) are amazing! I was terrified about my treatment, so much so I was having major panic attacks. Got some tablets from my doc, went this morning and got my fillings done!
Thank you so much for being patient and caring! I'd recommend you to anyone who's scared of dentists or needles! Xx"

Ms R Dixon

"Treatment is explained in detail all my questions were answered in detail put me at ease.the staff are so professional and friendly would recommend to everyone"

Mr S Mahmood

"I have been conscious about my smile for years and was really frightened of going to the dentist. The Fountain Dental team were able to sedate me, which meant I enjoyed every minute of the treatment.

I had all my teeth implanted, which means I can eat food properly again as well as smile with confidence.

I have no hesitation in recommending my friends and colleagues from media circles to have their smile restored at the Fountain Dental Clinic. I has literally changed my life."

Steve Womack, Comedian

"Great Visit, lovely staff"

"Fantastic environment"

"Simply brilliant for nervous patients- really friendly"

"I was terrified of dentists 6 months ago - this practice is excellent"

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