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Restorative Dentistry from Millhouses Dental in Sheffield

Fillings, veneers, crowns, bridges, family dentist SheffieldRestorative dentistry involves removing problems such as decay from teeth. The teeth are then rebuilt in order to restore their function to ensure that you can eat with them, optimise the way they look and promote their comfort.

Our restorative techniques and materials allow the restoration of simple cases right through to those of an extremely complex nature.

Fillings, inlays and onlays are all available in natural tooth shades. These can be bonded to the underlying tooth structure with tooth coloured bonding resin for aesthetics, longevity and ease of cleaning, thus maintaining a healthy gum margin.

Comfortable filling placement 

Our fluid abrasion equipment can be used to conservatively remove problem tooth material such as decay and staining without the need for "drills" and sometimes any injections either. This also creates an ideal surface on which to bond future restorations and provides a more conservative approach, reducing the amount of tooth material loss. This is especially useful when treating children.


The decision to have a tooth crowned is often based on the amount of the tooth tissue remaining after decay has been removed, and the nature of the remaining tooth. For example, hairline fracture lines may occur. It is important to replace any fillings (unless recently placed at this practice) prior to crowning teeth, thereby ensuring no underlying problems are incorporated underneath the structure such as decay or fracture lines which may impact on longevity. 

Please Note: If a filling, needs to be replaced prior to crowning its cost is included with the crown fee, to ensure there is no compromise in the quality of treatment i.e. it costs you no more.


In most circumstances a crown is made to fit the tooth either side of a space (with a “tooth” in the space). This is then bonded into position for superb aesthetics and longevity. Bridges vary considerably in their construction due to the variety of circumstances they can be used to treat. 

Please Note: Bridges can be supported on existing teeth or on implants.

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